Home sweet home - Airbnb

Home sweet home (Airbnb) is a series that I created with my 3 daughters: Zohar, Tamar and Daniella during the global pandemic COVID-19 and lockdown. The pictures were not taken in our home, but in 8 different houses that we stayed during the lock- down in Europe. Each house became our home for a period of time and I let my children bring a new life and spirit into the 4 walls we visited. As an immigrant who is interested in the question of belonging, I explored the essence of connection to a place that does not belong to us.
I asked myself: What does “home” mean? Is it a place where I feel comfortable? Is it a small space that belongs to me? Is it a spiritual rootedness? Is it connected to a cultural background? And what characterises a sense of belonging? I documented how my children settle into a foreign home and how they fit in. I look into familial situations characterised by intense anger, sadness, jealousy, honesty, and loneliness. These simple actions and everyday moments continued popping up in a different “Homes” Ultimately they raise the question: Does the place impact our sense of home or does our sense of home impact the place?