I explored trailer parks in Berlin (Wagenburg), focusing on the people who live there. These are people who have chosen to live in trailers for ideological reasons; to live in the heart of the city but to lead a simple, non-bourgeois life, renouncing the rat race that accompanies big designer houses. For them, concern for the environment and ecology matters more than materialist aspirations. By themselves, they design the simple trailers in which they live, according to their personal taste and worldview. The trail- er residents live in closed communities, to which new candidates are only admit- ted after going through admission committees and interviews. Each community has its own common denominator. Among the sites that I explored, one was made up of women and transgendered individuals, one site admitted only members of the gay and lesbian community, and an- other site which just accepted families with children. With this project, I sought to expose and to reveal the German European spirit a simple truth and way of life. Questions about my own identity as a new arrival and outsider here, and sub- sequent thoughts about foreignness and alienation, naturally led me to look at others and examine them. I moved to Berlin almost decade ago, and for the first three and-a-half years I regularly visited these sites and slowly, very slowly connected and bonded with their inhabitants. Observing them as individuals from a personal and psychological perspective, I gradually built up a relationship with them that stimulated their curiosity about me as much as I myself found their identity stimulating myself. The fact that I was a stranger who didn’t speak their language and that they view themselves as sort of outsiders, enabled both sides to mutually examine each other and drew us closer. The analogy between my own life and theirs, creates a tension that exists in my photographs and in the precise moments I try to portray. I seek to find myself through these encounters. While observing others I see myself and through their perception of me, my own identity is revealed.